• Huizen is a new destination for river cruises and passenger charters
  • Member of Amsterdam Cruise Port.
  • On the landing stage there are two powerlock electrical systems providing an onshore power supply of 400 amperes each, as well as high-voltage connections for motor charters. 400V 32 amperes and 64 amperes - 230V 16 amperes.

In principle, the use of a generator is not permitted. The use of onshore power is compulsory.

  • Of course, it is also possible to fill the water tank, with a capacity of 10m3 per hour.
  • If desired, services for the collection of waste, waste water, bilge water and sceptic tanks are offered by specialised and certified local businesses.
  • There are parking spaces for coaches very close to the landing stage. These parking facilities are intended only to allow passengers to board and alight.

Long-stay parking is not permitted!

For the removal of waste and bilge water by a specialised company, contact:

  • liquid waste such as drainage and treatment of bilge water, faeces tank, waste water tank, swill, grease sludge etc.:info@teeuwissen.com / https://www.teeuwissen.com
    Mon - Fri 7:30am - 5:30pm. Telephone: +31 (0) 35 525 23 19 (24/7)
    Also for unblocking and maintenance of pumping stations etc. For emergencies: available by telephone 24/7 after office hours.