Power supplies

  • Attention! The use of shore power is mandatory.
  • Two powerlock electrical systems of 400 amps each are available on the Riviercruise jetty for the use of shore power. There is also a power supply 400V 32 amps and a 400v 64 amps power supply suitable for motor charters. The electrical systems can be used after registration via Walstroom.eu.
  • The use of generators is not allowed.

Drinking water supply

Bunkering of drinking water is possible with a capacity of 10m3 per hour, after registration via Walstroom.eu.

Ship waste (solid-liquid)

The shipping company itself must engage a certified company for the removal of ship waste, bilge water, faeces tank, waste water tank, swill, fat-water sludge, etcetera.

Possible disposal companies

You are free to engage another certified company.

Parking facilities

  • In the immediate vicinity of the jetty, there are marked parking spaces for coaches at the work harbor, intended for the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers.
  • Long-term parking of buses is not allowed.